5 Sweetest Day Gift Ideas

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Now, as we all know, every day is a good day to show appreciation for the loved ones in your life. But every now and again, having an impromptu day dedicated to letting people know how much they mean to you can be a welcome reminder! This means Sweetest Day!

This holiday is just in time for halloween and football season, so enjoy these fantastic ideas and take the opportunity to tell your sweetest friends what they mean to you! What will you give your friends and family for sweetest day?

Give a candy dispenser for Sweetest Day!

If you’re looking to surprise a special someone for Sweetest Day, then a mini candy dispenser may be just the ticket! Again, this gift is versatile! If you are giving it to a sweetheart, then the Hershey Kisses are a great option. If you are looking to give it to a friend, the candy can be easily substituted for colorful hard candy or bright gum balls! A candy dispenser full of hugs and kisses will ensure that the sweet lasts longer than just a day.

Football gifts are always a good idea

Are you new to this ‘Sweetest Day’? Well what better way to merge your southern traditions with this sweet holiday by making your gift centered around football season? Does your loved one enjoy football more than life itself? Sweetest day falls into football season, so might as well celebrate both and make a football candy bouquet! This gift is sure to be a touchdown!

Dip Pretzels in Your Favorite Team Colors

Brace yourselves football fans because this one is another nod towards football season. Select colored sprinkles of your sweetest friend’s favorite football team (or the opposing team’s colors that you root for, depending on your friendship) and enjoy giving a gift that is both festive and tasty! You can choose any team, but these green & yellow Packers colored pretzels will obviously taste the best!

Give them the sweetest lollipop tree ever

If you have a friend who is more on the elegant side, then this bouquet of dum dums is perfectly picturesque. Don’t let the candy fool you, this gift will be a smart move in your friendship! All you need is styrofoam and dum dums for a cute tree full of sweets! Learn how to make this lollipop tree and let your friend enjoy this gift that keeps on giving!

Make a Cheese Platter

Ok so cheese might not be the “sweetest” thing, but you need something to counterbalance all that sweet! Pay homage to the holiday’s roots, and enjoy some fancy Wisconsin cheese on your sweetest day! Learn how to make this cheese platter look absolutely scrumptious for your sweet friend. I promise they’ll love it! Click here for details on this beautiful fall cheese platter.

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